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Bricks for a purpose

It seem a fairly obvious connotation, building and bricks, but one doesn't often realise that there are many different types of building brick and they are often suited best for specific types of building.

When planning a building there are a whole lot of aspects to consider, like:

  • Size of the building
  • How many storeys
  • What is the building going to be used for
  • Budget
  • What kind of finish will the building have? In other words will it be plastered or will the bare brick be visible (making face-brick another option)

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So the choice of building brick has a large part to play in the final product. When comparing bricks there are a few points to consider which will make it easier to select the right brick for your building project.

The growth of the South African economy has led to a larger number of people flocking to the cities. This massive increase in the general population of our cities has led to the need for cost effective housing. The demand for building bricks has increased accordingly.

Logibrik are established suppliers of

  • Maxi bricks
  • Cement bricks
  • Clay Bricks
  • All of these bricks are a cost effective way of building accommodation meet the criteria necessary to qualify as high quality building bricks.

    • Compressive strength, which is calculated with the use of a compression testing machine on random samples from the brick pile by placing pressure uniformly on the brick until the brick fails.
    • Absorption rate of H2O also referred to as permeability. This is the rate at which a brick absorbs or allows water to penetrate its surface and becoming detrimental to the structure as a whole. Bricks are tested by immersion in cold water for 24hrs and the percentage absorption measured by weight
    • Thermal insulation a good quality brick will offer insulation from the differences between indoor and outdoor temperatures.
    • Manufacturing Consistency, important for reasons of strength and quality of bricks and final construction.

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    You will also be able to purchase:

    from Logibrik, and in order to compliment your selection of bricks Logibrik are stockists of bricks from Corobrik.

    As mentioned, the architectural specifications including the location will determine the type of building brick used.

    Clay brick for example is versatile and inexpensive. It lends itself to various manipulations rendering different finishes which can be presented as the facade of the building. This is known as face-brick and is often used where a building would benefit from a less clinical appearance and also where painting, and paint maintenance are cost prohibitive.

    Logibrik adhere to the strict guidelines as far as quality is concerned and apply the various technologies available in the production of our wide range of brick.

    Logibrik is the choice for professional builders and also for DIY enthusiasts. Visit our various DIY projects and ideas.


    We also supply bricks in Limpopo, please visit our Limpopo bricks page.

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